Five reasons to celebrate parents this Parent's Day

23 Jul , 2021

Parents’ Day is a time to celebrate all the amazing individuals out there that dedicate their lives to raise the humans of tomorrow - the noblest of all noble causes! In the United States, it is observed on the fourth Sunday of every July. This year, Parent’s Day is on July 25th.

When thinking of parents, a mom and dad might come to mind, but parenthood doesn’t necessarily have to be linked with biology - anyone can be a parent. From teachers and mentors, to extended family, foster parents and more, parents do not fit a singular appearance, gender, or relationship. A parent is anyone that provides a child with guidance and support. Each parent is as unique and special as each child.

And this Parent’s Day, we’re listing 5 reasons why we should take the time to celebrate them, and are also giving a $10 gift voucher for our website (just use code PARENTS all through Tuesday, 27 July).

- Parents teach you about the world around you: Kids are naturally curious, and parents are there to answer all kinds of questions that pop in their mind (and there are a lot of bizarre and amazing questions that pop in children's minds, daily!)

- Parents model what’s right and wrong: Kindness and doing what’s right are things we learn. By watching parents be kind to strangers, listen to others, and do the right thing, children learn to do so themselves, too!

- Parents are the best sounding boards: Kids dream big, and parents are there to not only cultivate their dreams in constructive ways. Whether you need advice or just someone to tell your idea to, parents are there for you.

- Parents teach you how to take care of yourself: From the tiniest life skills such as brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, or making a meal all the way to teaching  aren't things we were born with - we were taught them.

- Parents foster creativity: Creativity comes in many forms; By introducing children to books, toys, games and taking the time to play and create with their littles, parents are opening the door to a whole world of creativity for kids to explore.

So there you have it. If you are a parent, today and every day, remind yourself that you are A-W-E-S-O-M-E and that you deserve a pat on the back. Happy Parents Day!

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