Find out which endangered animal you are for Earth Day!

18 Apr , 2024

Happy Earth Day, buddies!

Answer a few buddiful questions to discover which endangered animal you are (and you might just find your new favorite cuddly companion waiting at the end).

 My favorite color is...

 My dream trip is...

My buddies would describe me as...  

Mostly A's
Mostly B's 
You're Hermelindo!
Hermelindo, The Axolotl Plush Toy
You're Shui!
Shui, Spotted Seal Plush Toy
Fun fact about axolotls: They have regenerative powers. If you cut one of their body parts, it grows back (don’t try it on our plushie though!) Fun fact about spotted seals: They communicate and navigate their environment with a variety of unique sounds, including barks, growls and trills.

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