Staff pick: "The Little Explorer's Words" – The most whimsical rhyming adventure

26 Apr , 2024

We caught up with Evi, on a few fun tidbits about our newest rhyming story, "The Little Explorer's Words." Here’s the scoop!🍦

Worldwide Buddies Founder, Evi with The Little Explorer's Words

What makes "The Little Explorer's Words" so special? 👀

I love books that can be read in different ways and by different types of people, and I think "The Little Explorer's Words" achieves exactly that.

A reader can easily just skim through the pages and read all the untranslatable words. Or, you can follow Lexi and her rhyming story, collecting all the untranslatable words she stumbles upon along the way. It's a fun story for children, but can also be a quirky coffee table book for adults!

What is your favorite untranslatable word from the book? 📖

That's a tough one. I can definitely relate to the Japanese word "tsundoku" (buying too many books and letting them pile up). Then, there's the Russian word "pochemuchka"(a child that asks LOTS of questions), which is simply adorable! And then there's the Spanish word "vacilando" (the act of wandering, and how it's more important than the destination), because it's a wonderful way to live.

Why is reading poetry to children important? 🤓

For so many reasons! First of all, a rhyming story is catchy and fun to read! Rhyme also helps with memory development, as little ones can recite the story. And of course, it promotes language development and reading skills, encouraging children to pay closer attention to each individual word, and to focus on rhythm and patterns. The list goes on ...

What are three words to describe "The Little Explorer's Words"? ✨

Quirky, whimsical, adventure-bound! 

Celebrate the wonder of poetry with our most charming book yet:
The Little Explorer's Words Picture Book

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