At Worldwide Buddies, we create picture books and toys that celebrate diversity, specially made to introduce children to different realities and perspectives. Join our mission! Let's raise open-minded, accepting, curious little explorers.

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The Book of Cultures:

30 stories to discover the world and embrace diversity.

Specially created for little explorers

Inspired by 'The Book of Cultures', our Around The World Bundle is children's funnest introduction to the importance of diversity. From stickers to coloring activities, fun facts and conversation starters, there's something for everyone.

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There's something for all your little friends

Gifts for littles 0-3
Gifts for kids 4+

Minilingo bilingual flashcards

Our award-winning bilingual flashcards offer a spin to the already-loved games of memory, snap and bingo. Enjoy endless hours of family fun, all while teaching your littles a new language. Versatile and educational, minilingo is a playroom must-have.

Language learning bilingual flashcards