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Let's raise accepting, compassionate children

At Worldwide Buddies, we create picture books and toys that celebrate diversity. These are designed to introduce children to different realities and perspectives, early on.
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Fall favorites

The Mexico Gift Bundle
Puzzlies Double-Sided Puzzle
The Diversity Starter Kit
Spanish/English Minilingo
The Bookworm Bundle
Buddy Jumble Game

Awards & recognitions

Minilingo Bilingual Flashcards

Our award-winning learning flashcards offer a spin to the already-loved games of memory, snap and bingo. Enjoy endless hours of family fun, all while teaching your littles a new language. Versatile and educational, minilingo is a playroom must-have.

Multicultural children's books

Children's imagination knows no borders. Neither do our books. Colorful, interactive and filled with magic, our stories take readers on adventures near and far. They allow them to see the world beyond themselves, developing compassion and empathy.

Educational toys that spark curiosity

Learning can be fun and games. Made for open-ended play, our toys inspire outside-the-box thinking and encourage littles to embrace diversity.

Already loved by thousands of families

For ages 0-3

For ages 4+

We have created a universe of buddies, each from a different country, and each with a unique story to tell. These are specially created to introduce children to different realities and perspectives, and of course, to become their buddies from around the world!