Worldwide christmas crafts

10 Dec , 2017

It's the most festive time of the year, and it's time to couple it with an all-time favorite passtime. Crafts and shenanigans! Turn our Worldwide Christmas Snapshot into fun, festive activities and introduce your little ones to Christmas delights from around the world with these two easy DIY activities.

Send love and wishes to your loved ones with our easy-to-print cards, or make your own Worldwide Christmas pop-up map to decorate the house. 

1. Send Worldwide Buddies Christmas cards:

This one is for all the last minute Santa helpers out there. Rushing to complete that long Christmas list and things aren't looking that shiny and bright? Well, now you've got one less thing to worry about. Our lovingly-made Christmas cards have come to the rescue.

All you need is A4 cardstock, a pair of scissors, your color printer, and lots of nice words to write!

Click on the cards you like, save them on your computer and color print them on cardstock. Fold the cardstock into two and cut the white margin.

Fill the cards with your most loving, randomly bizarre, funny, warm and wonderful wishes to guarantee smiles all around.

2. Worldwide Christmas Pop-up Map:

Build a pop-up map of the world and its Christmas customs and help your little ones familiarize themselves with different countries and continents in a simple and entertaining way.


A3 & A4 cardstock

A3 thicker cardboard paper (example: chipboard pad) 

A pair of scissors

Glue Stick

1. Click, save and color print the map below on A3 cardstock.  

2.  Stick it on A3 chipboard pad, or a thicker cardboard that can act as a solid base.

3. Click, save and color print the icons below on A4 cardstock.

4. Cut them around the lines indicated (so that each cutout includes both the icon and country name), and then fold each icon on the straight line that separates the icon from the country name.

5. Position each one on the right place on the map. Gently apply glue on the section with the name of the country and stick it on the map so that the icon is standing upright.

6. Spot a lonely surface. Place it there to help spread some Christmas magic around the house!

Once you're done, don't forget to take a moment to admire your creations over delicious cookies and a glass of milk - just like any Santa's helper would! And if you want the world to admire them too, we can help you. Take a picture of them and tag us @worldwidebuddies or send us an email. We'll do the rest. 

Have a Whimsical, Wonderful Christmas

and a Quirky New Year!


We hope we'll meet again soon in a story,

Your Worldwide Buddies - Us

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