Unique Easter basket fillers for kids that’ll make them hop with joy – The 2024 edition

23 Mar , 2023
Article updated February 9, 2023.
Hop into the Easter spirit with our fun and egg-citing list of basket fillers that will make your kids

hippity hop with joy! We've rounded up some of our most unique, purposeful and affordable toys and games that will delight children and kidults alike!

Fun & games 

Minilingo, Bilingual Flashcards, $13.99
Our award-winning, bestselling bilingual flashcards are available in 10 different language combinations! Perfect for a game of memory and snap, or as simple learning flashcards, minilingo is a playroom must-have. Plus, they’re compact, colorful and perfect for collecting. 

Buddy Jumble Game, $17.99
Packed with adventure, this little box holds a world of fun! Buddy Jumble features three mega fun and interactive games, each focusing on different skill sets. It's a fantastic way to explore diverse countries and meet our whimsy characters from around the globe. 

What’s the Story? Storytelling Cards - $17.99
In this storytelling game of adventure and mischief, littles will pick cards from different categories, encounter funtabulous scenarios and weave topsy-turvy tales as they explore cultures of the world.

Cute & cuddly

Hermelindo, Axolotl Plush Toy, $13.99
This quirky plush toy is guaranteed to bring a smile to any child's face. Hermelindo makes for a delightful sidekick on all sorts of explorations and is sure to stand out as the most unique stuffed animal in any collection.

Shui, Spotted Seal Plush Toy, $13.99
Meet Shui, the wisest spotted seal around.She’s generally quite shy, but if you give her an extra big hug, she’ll open up and love you forever. 

Color & create

The Coloring Book - $13.99
A fun collection of 20 outside-the-box coloring activities inspired from different cultures, specially created for mindful brain breaks and creative afternoons at home. 

The Sticker Book - $14.99
Because every little loves stickers! And not just any sticker book. Our sticker book includes over 120 stickers with buddies, places, animals and objects inspired from all corners of our planet. 

The Activity Book - $16.99
Every day, meet a new buddy and pretend you’re in their country! Spend your afternoon learning about their culture through fun facts, quizzes, special words and interactive activities.

Something extra special

The Little Explorer’s Words, $17.99
An extra special Easter surprise and your little’s new favorite book! As you travel to different countries through a playful rhyming story, you’ll discover new untranslatable words and their meanings. To top it off, its unique size and beautiful illustrations will make it a lasting addition to any child’s bookshelf.

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