The 2022 holiday gift guide for kids: the best presents for every little in your life.

08 Dec , 2022

1. For the little you're not sure what to gift to.

Puzzlies - $24.99

Double-sided, and with a 100 big pieces, Puzzlies creates two wonderful designs featuring all our worldwide buddies. Each side is of a different level of difficulty, too, making it the perfect way to get the whole family around the table for endless hours of creativity. 

2. For your secret Santa.
What’s the Story? Storytelling Cards - $22

In this storytelling game of adventure and mischief, littles (and not so littles) pick cards, see what and who they'll encounter, and create topsy-turvy stories as they explore the world. A game for every little storyteller out there, but also a must-have for adult game nights and fun gatherings. It even comes with an instructions manual, with iterations and varying levels of difficulty! 


3. For the little explorer.

The Book of Cultures with Stickers & map - $38

Our all time bestselling book is a classic gift for any little in your life, really! Packed with 120 pages of adventure, it includes 30 fictional stories featuring buddies from different countries, followed by a snapshot on each culture, with fun facts and engaging activities. It also comes with stickers featuring all the buddies, and a pop-up map of the world! 

4. For the siblings.
Minilingo Bilingual Flashcards (available in six different language combinations) - $14

Our minilingo bilingual flashcards include 42 cards (21pairs) of picture-words flashcards that can be used for memory games, snap and more. Versatile, educational and tons of fun, minilingo comes in six different language combinations and will get siblings sitting together at the table (no matter the age gap) playing hours on end. 

5. For the little animal lover.
What’s the Number? Number Flashcards -$18

Toddlers won't only practice their one, two, threes, but they'll also get to learn fascinating facts about 12 endangered animals with these thick, durable flashcards. Oh, and they come with an amazing counting poster, too!


6. For the little knowledge buff.

The Activity Book - $17

Children will get to go around the world in 15 days with this colorful and interactive activity book! Every day, they'll meet a new buddy, pretend they're in their country and spend their afternoon learning about their culture through fun facts, quizzes and interactive activities. An activity book created to transport children to different cultures, all from the comfort of their home.

7. For the little bookworm.
The Bookworm Bundle - $65

Get all our picture book collection and give the gift of reading and endless explorations. Our page-turning plots and color-bursting illustrations will keep children company and take them on adventures near and far all through 2023 and beyond! 

8. For a bigger budget.
The Buddy Bundle - $50

In this super fun bundle, children will get to meet and greet our worldwide buddies through our double-sided Puzzlies, as well as read all of their stories, together with fun facts and activities in "The Book of Cultures"! A lovely gift set to spend creative, screen-free afternoons at home, all while exploring and learning about our wonderful world. 




9. For a super special little.
The Jolly Gift Box - $35

Create the most magical present with our custom-made gift boxes. Choose a pair of fun mismatched socks, a set of bilingual flashcards and a booklet to match your little's personality and quirks! We'll add a wonderful holiday card, sprinkle some wonder and TA-DAA. Ready to go.

10. And for the busy mama.
The Smiles Drawstring Bag - $22

Our "We all smile in the same language" drawstring canvas bag is the easiest, most versatile bag for every occasion. Mamas can take it to work, to the gym, on excursions, and of course, it's the perfect on-the go back to fit all their littles' needs and wants.  

No time to look for individual gifts for all the littles in your life? We've got you covered!

"All your Gifts Sorted" - $100 

This bundle was created with you in mind. It comes with all our bestselling gifts and it's designed to help you complete all your holiday shopping with one click (with more than 20% off, too)!

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