Staff pick: Buddy Jumble – Where learning meets fun

03 Mar , 2024

We caught up with our Marketing Manager, Karen, to talk about her current favorite Worldwide Buddies product. Here’s the scoop!🍦
Staff Pick – Buddy Jumble

What is your favorite product from Worldwide Buddies? 👀

Buddy Jumble is my absolute favorite because it effortlessly blends learning and fun! It's perfect for family get-togethers – I've introduced it at game nights and everyone loved it!

What makes it so special? 🌟
With Buddy Jumble you can playe three different strategy games that vary in difficulty, so it's something children can really grow with (and adults will love it, too!).
Inside this little box of tricks, you'll find 30 country cards, offering a fantastic way to learn about different countries, including flags, capital cities and even special dishes. It also includes 30 buddy cards that introduce children to quirky characters from around the globe, adding an extra layer of fun for kids
Buddy Jumble
What's something you learned from Buddy Jumble? 🤓

I definitely brushed up on my geography skills! I also learned a lot of interesting tidbits – for example, if I ever  visit Denmark, I’ll definitely have to see The Little Mermaid statue. 

Have you gifted this to anyone? 🎁

Yes! I gifted Buddy Jumble to my best friend's little one – he plays with his parents (and me 😋), and it's amazing to see how quickly he picks up facts about countries and their flags ... honestly, he's even faster than us adults, sometimes!

In three words, how would you describe Buddy Jumble? ✨
Interactive, worldly and FUNTABULOUS.
Explore Buddy Jumble and experience the perfect blend of
interactive learning and cultural discovery – all packed into one buddiful box!
Buddy Jumble

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