Read the world! Embrace its diversity.

02 May , 2019

We started Worldwide Buddies with a single mission in mind: to bring the wonderfully diverse stories and cultures of the world inside the homes of children around the globe - to help them grow into curious, open-minded adults that are able to adapt, accept, listen and explore the multi-faceted realities that exist.



100th Children’s Books Week

Read Now, Read Forever. It’s the centennial celebration of Children’s Books Week and the message it celebrates is more pressing than ever. “Read Now, Read Forever.” looks to the past, present, and most importantly, the future of children’s books - a message very close to our own mission and heart.

At Worldwide Buddies, not only are we committed to the future of children’s books, but we’re committed to creating a future of diverse children’s books, a future world where empathy, acceptance, freedom and communication are at the very center of it.

Technology is unstoppably breaking down barriers. Physical distance proves less and less of a barrier. It’s never been easier to interact with people living on the other side of the world. It’s time to break down cultural barriers, too.

Now, more than ever, we need diversity in children’s books. Children familiar with foreign cultures are bound to excel in this ever-changing, diverse world. Understanding and embracing various cultures, viewpoints and voices allows children to develop empathy, adaptability, open-mindedness, and communication skills crucial to the future of happiness, work and life of our the planet as barriers dissolve more and more.

“Read the world. Embrace its diversity.” campaign

Today, we're lucky enough to be celebrating in so, SO many ways! Not only are we thrilled to announce the launch of China’s story box (just in time for Children’s Books Week), but we're also fortunate to have the support of incredible mothers, bloggers and buddies that are championing our mission.

Our “Read the world! Embrace its diversity.” campaign is designed to raise awareness around the need for diverse children's books; the very reason Worldwide Buddies was born.

Today, our buddies are raising their voices and posting pictures "READ THE WORLD! EMBRACE ITS DIVERSITY."

And there's something in it for you, too! Each post will reveal a 15% discount code on China's story box (or on any other website purchase) all through May. Simply follow hashtag #readtheworldembracediversity or look up our tagged pictures on Instagram to spot the images, uncover the discount codes and show our supporters your love.

Of course, you can join the shenanigans, too!

If you're also passionate about building an accepting, open-minded world in which our children can thrive in, we invite you to join us. Snap and post your own picture with the message "READ THE WORLD! EMBRACE ITS DIVERSITY." (or simply share someone else's picture) and become part of our campaign. And of course, don't forget to tag @worldwidebuddies for a lovely feature. ;)

Let’s build a HAPPY, ACCEPTING future for all the children of the world.

Your Worldwide Buddies,
Evi, Nefeli & the rest of the team

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