The best stocking stuffer ideas for children

01 Dec , 2021

Holiday gifts for kids come in all shapes and types, but our very favorite have to be the stocking stuffers! They might be little in size (and all under $20), but they're precious, full of purpose and tons of fun! That's why, to kickstart your December and to help with your holiday gifts, we've put together the stocking stuffers edit - a versatile selection of our best stocking stuffers yet! S(ho)p- s(ho)p-s(ho)p away. 

1. Bilingual Flashcards. $14

 Our bestselling, award-winning bilingual flashcards must be the bestest stocking stuffers of the season. Available in six language combinations, children can use them for hours to play memory, snap, bingo, and any other game you can think of ... all while learning a new language. Fun and learning combined at its greatest!  

2. The Sticker Book. $15

Because ... is there any child that doesn't appreciate stickers?! And not just any stickers. Our sticker book contains more than 120+ colorful stickers with whimsy objects, spectacular places, wonderful animals and loving faces from around the world!

3. What's the Number? Number Flashcards. $18

Number flashcards that are durable, adorable, feature endangered animals from around the world and EVEN have cheeky fun facts about them? YES, PLEASE. One of the new additions to our flashcard collection, this is a stocking stuffer favorite for all the littles that are starting to learn their one, two, threes. Oh, did we mention they come with a counting poster, too?

4. The Activity Book. $17

 This one's for all the little learners out there. With 60 pages filled with fun facts, quizzes and the most creative, outside-the-box crafts and activities for littles, this one will definitely be put to good use throughout the winter months and beyond! And of course, all while meeting buddies from different parts of the globe and discovering their lovely cultures.

5. Hermelindo, Axolotl Plush. $14

He's cuddly, he's adorable, and he's arguably the cutest axolotl on the Internet - after all, he did become Etsy's bestseller for a reason. Already loved by thousands of children worldwide, Hermelindo will soon become your child's best friend and sleeping buddy. 

6. The Coloring Book. $15

Any little artists out there? This one's DEFINITELY for them. This unique coloring book includes 20 coloring activities. From matching the buddies' clothes with the appropriate weather conditions, to spotting the animal that's trapped in the wrong continents and preparing wonderful message cards to protect the environment, this book will guarantee some mindful and creative afternoons.












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