The Little Explorer's Words Picture Book
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The Little Explorer's Words


Lexi loved adventures. Lexi loved to explore. Whenever something caught Lexi's attention, she just had to dig into it a little bit more. One day Lexi spotted something poking up from Grandma's lawn. And when she followed it? She embarked on the most marvelous adventure of them all!

A heartwarming tale of a little explorer who travels around the world collecting 30 unique, untranslatable words from different cultures and their meanings.

  • Written in rhyme: a playful rhyming story that fosters a love for words and develops phonemic awareness in a fun way 
  • Includes 30 untranslatable words: a story with 30 special words from diverse countries and their meanings that will inspire young readers to live a more meaningful life 
  • Children’s first coffee table book: filled with page-bursting illustrations, it’s the perfect hardcover picture book for your little’s room
  • Adventures around the world: encourage kids to learn about different cultures and embrace diversity while traveling the world with our buddy, Lexi
  • A special book for kidults, too: ideal for children 3+, but can equally be cherished by every kidult in our life