Buddy Jumble Game


Buddy Jumble is the most fun and engaging way for children to learn quick geography facts, all while making new friends from around the world! It includes 60 flashcards with 3 different educational card games that are perfect for family game night. Each game focuses on a different skillset and encourages kids to explore our planet through strategy and fun!

The box includes:

  • 30 country cards with visual cues and fun facts, ideal for learning about countries, cities, flags, special places, yummy snacks and more!
  • 30 buddy cards to meet buddies from different countries, get to know their characters, and unique traits.
  • Instructions on how to play 3 games.

It's perfect for curious kids, all fun adults out there, special gifts, memorable holidays, off-screen play, family get-togethers and more! 

Buddy Jumble, explained