The Educator's Diversity Bundle

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Hey teachers, we want to thank you for all your amazing and hard work! That’s why we’ve created the most comprehensive bundle to introduce your classroom to the cultures of the world and encourage them to embrace diversity (available until May 31).


  • The Book of Cultures: 30 fictional stories featuring buddies from different countries, followed by a snapshot on each culture, with fun facts and engaging activities. 
  • The Activity Book:  60 pages of fun facts, cheeky quizzes, special words and engaging activities.
  • The Coloring Book: 20  mindful coloring activities for children to focus, relax and create. 
  • The Sticker Book: 120+ stickers  inspired from people, places, animals and cultural activities from different countries
  • What's the Story? Storytelling cards:  60 storytelling cards with places, people, objects and phrases from around the world.
  • Smiles Drawstring Bag: features 30 buddies from around the world and a lovely message.
  • Smiles Notebook: 60 pages of alternate lined pages and empty pages, ideal for journaling.
  • Smiles Poster: features 30 buddies from around the world and a lovely message every child should learn.
  • The Book of Cultures Audiobook: 30 stories to discover the world beautifully narrated. 
  • Diversity Activity Pack: a digital PDF with exercises & conversation starters to introduce your children to the topic of diversity.