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Make your own gift bundle

Toy 1:
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Create the most magical present by making your own gift bundle. Pair "The Book of Cultures" with two toys of your choice and make it a gift your favorite little will cherish for years to come. 

You can include:

The Book of Cultures: A 120-page picture book with 30 stories featuring buddies from around the world, followed by activities and fun facts. The perfect bedside table for children to explore the world and go on adventures near and far, all from the comfort of their home!

Minilingo, Bilingual Card Game: 21 sets of bilingual cards for memory, snap and more. Versatile, portable and tons of fun. Available in Spanish/English, Mandarin/English and Greek/English.

Plush Toy inspired from Endangered Species: Soft and cuddly, our plush toys are fashioned out of endangered animals to teach children about sustainability and respect. Choose between Hermelindo, the axolotl plushie from Mexico and Shui, the spotted seal plushie from China.