Collect All Six Minilingos

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Collect all 6 language versions of our minilingo bilingual flashcards in one bundle! Each of the 6 sets includes 42 flashcards that can be used for memory, snap, bingo and more. 

  • A 2021 Family Choice Award and a 2021 National Parenting Center winner.  
  • Small and portable - 3.35 x 3.35 x 1.06 inches.
  • Can be played with or without using words.
  • Minilingo Spanish/ English 
  • Minilingo French/ English 
  • Minilingo German/ English 
  • Minilingo Mandarin/ English
  • Minilingo Greek/ English
  • Minilingo Arabic/ English

Collect them all

Language learning through play

Learning a new language is a great way to understand and connect with different people, embrace new cultures, and become more tolerant. With our minilingo flashcards, children learn new words and discover the world through the power of play. ​​

Let's play memory!

Developmental benefits of raising bilingual littles