Buddy Jumble Game
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Buddy Jumble Game

Buddy Jumble is a set of 60 flashcards to discover the world and make new buddies! Use the flashcards to learn fun facts about countries, meet our whimsy buddies and play 3 different, mega fun games! Each game focuses on a different skillset and it’s created to encourage children to explore our planet through strategy and fun. 

- 30 buddy cards to meet the buddies from different countries, get to know their characters, unique traits and all that makes them giggle and shine.
- 30 country cards to learn about countries, cities, flags, special places, yummy snacks and every explorer’s must-know facts.
- Instructions on how to play 3 games.

It's perfect for curious kids, all fun adults out there, special gifts, memorable holidays, off-screen play, family get-togethers, endless hours of summer adventures and more! 

Buddy Jumble, explained