Here are 5 reasons this game is the bestest, funnest way for children to learn Spanish

11 Mar , 2019

Minilingo is an exciting new card game that incorporates visual aids and familiar card game fun to expose kids to the Spanish language.

Here are 5 reasons Minilingo is the most exciting and engaging way for children to learn Spanish:

1. It’s extremely versatile: play Snap, Memory and more!
There are countless ways to use Minilingo cards! You can play Snap, Memory, and any other game you can think of. Small and portable, these cute cards make a perfect addition to the home, playground, family vacations, and anywhere in between. The possibilities are endless, and we know your child won’t be aburrido with these.

2. It has developmental benefits, aside from just learning Spanish.
The evidence speaks for itself: memory games have been shown to help develop spatial skills, concentration, and thinking skills.

3. Visual aids help children learn better.
Research has shown over and over again that visual associations help us remember words better, decreasing learning time, improving comprehension, retrieval and retention. Don’t believe us? Here's proof.

4. Early exposure is the most effective way to learn a new language
Research shows that children who are exposed to a new language before the age of 10 have the greatest chance of becoming fluent in that language. Don’t worry, parents -- you can still play Minilingo with your little one, but they will probably win!

5. It’s actually… great fun!
Minilingo doesn’t just teach children Spanish, it makes them WANT to learn it! Say goodbye to plain old flash cards - you won't be needing those anymore!


With amor,
Worldwide Buddies

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